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A Mouse by the House

By Artie Knapp

A mouse in the grass ran about,

Stopping by the water spout.

Nibbling on something I could barely see,

And didn’t seem to notice me. 

Not realizing he was trapped,

He just chewed on his meal tightly wrapped.

To get the mouse’s attention, I threw a pebble his way,

But he kept to his meal without sway.


Again and again I tried, but to no effect;

Feeling put-off and puzzled by his disrespect.

But something changed inside me, as the mouse finally looked up;

His eyes were innocent and curious, like that of a newborn pup.


He didn’t seem to mind, my being there;

Barely gave a look, much less a stare.

Then off he went back to the grass, nary a glance at me;

I learned later he got glasses, and now can clearly see.

Mouse by the House

Published by with written permission from the author. Thank you, Artie, for sharing your wonderful stories with our visitors!