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Reporting an inappropriate ad About our ads

Important! Before you report, please follow the steps below. This will help us to quickly identify, assess and eliminate offensive advertising materials.

Take a screenshot - The most important part of reporting an ad you believe to be inappropriate is helping us to determine where it was shown and by which advertiser. By providing a screenshot, we're able to much more quickly dispose of offending advertisements. Click here to learn how to capture a screenshot and send it

Make sure you're actually on theKidzpage.com website! - O.K. We know that this one may sound a little funny, but we have actually had ad reports about sites people thought were theKidzpage but weren't. Check the address bar on your browser and make sure that it starts with:
http://www.thekidzpage.com/ or

Be reasonably sure that your computer has not been infected with adware, spyware, malware or a virus that is changing the advertising you see? - Yes, it can (and does) happen. In fact many people are unaware that they've been infected for weeks, months or even longer. A quick way to test for one type of these infections is to go to Google's search pages. If you see image ads on Google's website, odds are overwhelmingly good that your computer has been infected! Google does not (currently) show image ads on their site. This is not a conclusive test, but its one that can definitely reveal some types of infections. *Soon, we're going to add more information about this to try to help our visitors identify and combat infections.

theKidzpage.com takes childrens' website content very seriously, and this most definitely includes the types of advertising shown on our pages.

  • We only work with well-established, well-known, reputable ad agencies and closely scrutinize ads, advertisers and ad campaigns that are shown on our site.
  • When individual ad selection is available, we check each and every one and maintain an extremely large exclusion list!
  • We have already discontinued relationships with ad companies who have disrespected our committment to show only child-appropriate advertising, even when it has been at great expense

Why do we have ads? To keep our content free for our visitors, theKidzpage.com has sponsors that show advertising on our pages. This allows us to cover hosting fees and other costs that give us the ability to keep adding fun new stuff for the kids!

Is there a way to view theKidzpage.com without ads? Not currently, but we're definitely looking into the possibility of developing an ad-free version of our site on a paid membership basis. In the coming months, look forward to some surveys in which we'll try to gauge our visitors' interest in this type of option.


Ad Blocking FAQ's

Q. Do you block ALL reported ads?
A. We block nearly all of them. On occasion, we do receive unreasonable complaints. Example: "Remove the ad for *** that shows a skeleton on it. It's too frightening for children." The ad in question, however, contained a cute, happy cartoon skeleton and linked to a safe website. We do listen to our visitors, but we're not about to shun sponsors who show child-friendly ads. Needless to say, that particular ad was not removed from our site.

Thankfully, most of our visitors who contact us are reasonable people who simply wish to keep the Internet safe for their kids.

Q. What kind of ads do you generally block?
A. There are quite a few ad types that we block. Here are just a few of the dozens: insulting ads (like ones that ask if you are "stupid"); alcohol and tobacco ads; dating and adult networking ads; ads that collect personal information from minors (like email addresses and mobile phone numbers); gambling ads; any ad to do with s e x (including birth control, etc...); ads that link to scam sites or known spyware/adware/malware sites; and many others. If you see ads on our site like the ones I just mentioned, please report them and accept my sincere thanks!

Q. Will I receive a reply if I report an ad?
A. We do try our best to reply to our visitors, but please understand that we're just a very, very, very small company (just myself & my partner). Let me tell you first off: we REALLY very much appreciate help from our visitors in keeping our advertising in line! If our current volume of email isn't overwhelming, we do our very best to send a note of thanks. If you do not receive a note: please accept this --> Thank you! in advance :)

Q. Why do objectionable ads even exist?
A. *Sigh* We ask ourselves the very same question. The unfortunate thing is that software errors and even human erros do, on occasion, occur. The Internet Advertising world is working hard (but still learning) to acheive perfection, which is why we at theKidzpage.com make it a high priority to scrutinize ads and ad networks.

The good news: Ad serving companies have become a lot more responsible and respectful over the years and, thankfully, more emphasis is being put on the importance of responsible and safe ad content.

Bottom line: the goal of theKidzpage.com is to provide a safe, responsible and enjoyable experience for our visitors both young and old.

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