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4 and a half Stars! Great Movie! ICE AGE 3 - Available on DVD

"This is definitely one to add to the home video library -- we're sure that it will be watched again and again... and again!"

free ice age masks for dressup
Ice Age Characters
Printable Face Masks

Great news: the herd is back! In Ice Age 3, our favorite characters Manny, Ellie, Sid, Diego, the mischievous possums (and don't forget adorable Scrat) pop out of the screen with their usual fun antics and lots of wonderful new ones too.  School-aged kids, aged approximately 5 to 10 years, will especially appreciate the visual, slap-stick style humor as well as the touching and heart-felt main story which illustrates the importance of caring for friends and family -- no matter what shape, size, species or even personality.  Older kids and grown-ups are sure to find some great laughs in the witty dialogue and very mildly 'suggestive' quips.

Sid's attempt at 'motherhood' is as endearing as it is hilarious and adds a special touch to the added theme of welcoming new family members into the world while Ellie and Manny are anticipating their own special delivery, which gives the audience something wonderful to look forward to right from the very start.  Another great feature of this movie is that Scrat seems to get a little more screen time than in the previous Ice Age movies and, this time, the elusive nut may not be his only concentration!

Oh yes! And the new characters this time around, The Dinosaurs, add lots of excitement and adventure along with magically beautiful 'new' world for the herd to explore. The dinosaur characters are most definitely a sight to be seen! I'm sure a few of the kids will wish they, too, could adopt a dinosaur baby when they see how adorable these characters appear on screen ;)

In addition to an engaging story and the silly giddy humor we expect and love to see from the Ice Age herd, this movie is truly a delight for the senses. We found the animation to be bright and dynamic while the music score was superb throughout.  This is definitely one to add to the home video library -- we're sure that it will be watched again and again... and again!

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